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There was a brief period of time where cold fusion was treated as a legitimate science, a very brief period lasting not even a year. After many failed attempts to replicate the original results and to speed up the reaction time of the experiment, no headway was made. This led the media to denounce the scientists, Fleischmann and Pons that originally discovered the process of cold fusion. They lost their funding, and later, their careers as an indirect result of their failed experiments. Despite the fact that cold fusion did not seem promising, many different organizations attempted to continue studying it after Fleishmann and Pons, some of these organizations including the U.S. Army, Korea, and some automotive industries. Despite their best efforts, the legitimacy of cold fusion still could not be proven, and most of these branches of study ended up dissolving, or going bankrupt.

Eventually, Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi’s LENR research brought cold fusion back into the spotlight, as well as the more subtle work of Francesco Piantelli. The invention of the E-cat has incited a worldwide response to the device, calling in expert scientists from Italy, America, and other countries, to view demonstrations of the device to see if it really works or not. The nickel hydrogen fusion that occurs in the body of the E-Cat has consistently been shown to produce energy as Rossi claimed originally though nobody can seem to confirm what kind of reaction this is and whether it is in fact successful cold fusion or not. Regardless of the needs for the scientific community to verify the claims of cold fusion, Rossi plans to accelerate production, having recently partnered with Defkalion green technologies and Ampenergo in order to help produce and market the device with or without the approval of the larger scientific community.

Ignoring Rossi’s recent work though, little had been done to progress the science of cold fusion. Even though cold fusion was considered to be debunked and fruitless, this did not stop entire movies from being made about it. “The Believers,” a movie set to be released in late 2011 is set to chronicle scientists researching cold fusion along with other scientific beliefs, and all of the things that prevent them from achieving their goals. True to the title of the film, the scientists featured choose to believe in their work. Despite culture telling them different and despite societal and physical restrictions, these scientists continue their work in order to further the agenda of all mankind. In the face of oppression, they ignore the bad aspects and simply focus on their own beliefs.

This is much like what Rossi had to deal with. In a statement from Defkalion after Rossi decided to part ways with them, the company cited stress from all around and pressures to discontinue work on the E-Cat as the reason that Rossi ultimately parted ways with them. Whether or not this is the reason Rossi left Defkalion is disputed, but it is likely very true that Rossi faces pressure from all around. In inventing a product that has the potential to be one of the first, most highly marketable and cheapest forms of alternative energy, it is only natural that bigger energy companies would try to take him down in order to further their own economic interests. Mean much like Rossi are featured in the documentary “The Believers,” who continue to fight for what they believe in, ignoring adversity and opposition.

Other films such as “Cold Fusion: Fire from Water” try to highlight how controversial the subject is by following scientists on the cutting edge of cold fusion discoveries. The video focuses less on the specific science of the process, and more on how, if the science were to work, it would affect the world. It is a great film for a take on how the post nuclear energy age will pan out. Then, there are the more dramatized movies such as 1997’s “The Saint” starring Val Kilmer, where he plays a master thief attempting to steal a cold fusion formula from a scientist that he eventually falls in love with. It is then up to the two of them to work on completing the formula, and outwitting the Russian mafia in order to save his own life, the life of the scientist, and the future of the U.S. These are all some of the best movies about cold fusion because they highlight and help bring to light exactly how important cold fusion was culturally, if not scientifically, and lead up to a point in the timeline where cold fusion could be proven to be much more important than science ever realized with the introduction of Rossi’s E-Cat.

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